eInfochips cuts paper & energy usage with smart IT

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 11, 2010

In a bid to create a greener footprint, Ahmedabad-based eInfochips has cut down its paper consumption by 5%. The company is also relying on technologies like virtualization and cloud computing to bring its energy costs down

Technology design and services company - eInfochips, has adopted a multi-pronged approach to reduce both energy costs and IT-related wastage. Firstly, instead of just discarding old desktops and servers, the company connected them together to form a grid, thereby providing its developers with the computing power and storage of the entire system.

“Nearly 50% of energy expenditure goes in maintaining data centers. With the huge number of machines used by our developers, energy usage used to go off the charts. So we started consolidating our computers and servers to reduce our energy footprint. We also try and employ server farms wherever possible,” said Praveen Tiwari, CTO of eInfochips.

The company also deployed central control for lights, air conditioners and other electrical appliances using wireless controllers. This move further reduced energy consumption.

On the IT-related wastage front, eInfochips connected its different divisions via the Intranet and provided Web applications to its employees, which eliminated the need to print documents unnecessarily and thereby reduce its paper consumption by 5%.

The company plans to further reduce energy costs by at least 50% savings once its deplyos a private cloud. “We are doing a lot of research on how we can use cloud computing internally. It is a major initiative for us and our plan is to have the entire company, our developers, etc. on a private cloud.” added Tiwari.