Embracing Zen In Business To Be Flexible and Innovative


“Resist” is a dangerous word. It doesn’t allow life to happen. For what gets presented to you, you can either perceive it as a crippling scenario or unearth the opportunity lurking beneath it.Your mind could be rigid owing to prevailing belief systems or crowded with memories of the past. It could also be anxious about the future or fearful of the outcomes. Whatever the cause be, one is not relaxed. As a result one resists change. And then, one is doomed!

More so when you are an enterprise. As an enterprise you are bridled with dynamic internal processesand ever changing external environment.Markets experience change when customers and employees shift habits as a result of changing technologies and purchasing powers. If your processes are disjointed and resources disconnected, you are unable to catch up with them swiftly.The more rigid your existing patterns are, the more you would resist and the sooner would be the collapse! For instance, making your business digital and embracing latest technologies to automate your processes is imperative today. Connecting effectively with employees and customers is a requirement that can not be ignored either. Resisting such changes and driving business with baggage of old technologies and disparate systems is bound to put you out of race!

Zen and the Introspective Enterprise

Embracing the simple values of Zen is a smarter recourse. Zen appeals to the introspective intellectual who believes in living in the “moment” and working through spontaneity. The more he is in the “now”, the deeper is his internal silence, sharper is his intellect and more effective are his decisions.

Taking a leaf out of the Zen way of life- enterprises are realizing the innate strength in connecting their core entities- resources, processes, systems, people and customers. [Read on: Realizing Zen In Business]

They are stepping ahead and tieing their elements with robust digital platforms: BPM, ECM and CCM. With all the right levers in place they are driving digital transformation to catapult their enterprise into the “most preferred brand” for their customers. Things soon begin to happen on their own accord as all the pieces fall in their places perfectly.

From introspective enterprises to innovative enterprises

Zen master Chao Pien says:

A Sudden Clash of Thunder…The mind-doors burst open,

And lo, sitteth the Old Man, In all his homeliness!

Zen says: The more cooperative you are as you go about trusting life, the more you stop resisting. And this makes you calmer. In this calm serenity, there is a sudden clash of thunder! You are filled with ideas to expertly navigate out of your challenges. You get intuitive and get inspired!

Same is the case with the malleable and fluid enterprises that embrace change. They flow with tremendous ease as they focus on being customer-centric. In their quiet, they experience a sudden clash of thunder! They begin to innovate, create new processes and manifest disruption.

For Zen-powered enterprises this is a natural progression.

Their sharp consciousness help them realise the incredible outcomes of driving digital transformation.  In their pursuit to do so, they embrace intelligent BPM that allows them to efficiently manage their complete range of business processes. They leverage on its advanced tools for content integration, process orchestration, predictive and on demand analytics, enterprise mobility and social collaboration. With highly efficient processes, talent nurtured optimally and machinery moving in complete synchrony, business leaders can look at processes much clearly. They now get more innovative. Processes are now further improved and work allocation is carried out more smartly. Cycle times get reduced, operation costs lowered, profits increase and revenues grow!

A Sudden Clash of thunder!

With a strong ECM deployed in enterprises, the challenge to manage a large variety of unstructured content becomes extremely easy. Documents, papers, contracts, invoices and all varieties of content are now swiftly digitized. Infrastructure costs of storage and the risk of losing valuable data is nullified.

Then there is a sudden clash of thunder!

They begin to innovate and create ideas to further leverage ECM. They come out with new initiatives- simple to complex, with an objective to be absolutely customer-centric. They focus on nurturing customer relationships with contextual ECM technology that facilitates mapping of all the interactions with the customers. Customers turn into loyal patrons. Digitizing processes and content thereby extends customer delight and increases employee satisfaction.

And then there is the reliable CCM platform to back up. When calmness descends as processes are automated with CCM, there is a sudden clash of thunder! Enterprises get innovative in the way they communicate with their customers to drive customer-centricity. Communications get personalized, timely, regular and accurate. Customers are connected on their preferred channels. All efforts are made to make the customer feel special. It soon becomes easier to acquire and retain customers who compliment the Zen-powered enterprise by increasing their “share of wallet”!

Realizing Zen in Business

Enterprises need necessarily embrace Zen to be flexible and innovative in changing paradigms.  An enterprise that is forever ready to be in the “now” and always prepared to embrace the “new” has successfully realized Zen in business. With new age technologies such as RPA, Digital Sensing, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics empowering digital platforms that connect enterprises, there is no stopping the master (the “old man” as Zen people lovingly refer to)!