EMC Unveils Symmetrix DMX-3

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 26, 2005

EMC Corporation, a provider of products, services and solutions for
information storage and management, has announced the new Symmetrix
DMX-3 with storage capacities of up to one petabyte (1024 terabytes).

The Symmetrix DMX-3 array is composed of a single system bay and
separate storage bays. Each bay is powered independently and contains a scalable power and battery backup infrastructure which would support the components within each bay.

System capacity can be upgraded non-disruptively by adding either
another storage bay or adding additional disk drives into the available space. Likewise, additional processing power can be added by installing additional director boards while the system is online. The Symmetrix DMX-3 would be compatible with all of EMC’s functionality and software.

EMC claims that the Symmetrix DMX-3 exceeds the capabilities of existing storage systems through a design that features increased processing power and internal bandwidth, new memory technology and support for lower cost disk drives.

Tony Prigmore, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, “The EMC Symmetrix DMX architecture and its capability to scale capacity and performance continue to provide EMC with key competitive advantages. Large storage customers who continue to look for ways to ease management burdens and lower costs through consolidation will find the new Symmetrix DMX-3 offers industry-leading single-system scalability”.

The entire Symmetrix DMX Series, including the new Symmetrix DMX-3
system, would support new low-cost Fibre Channel (LC-FC) disk drives.
According to EMC, this latest disk drive technology, expected to be
available in early 2006, would enable “in-the-box” tiered storage,
allowing multiple tiers of storage to be implemented in a single
Symmetrix DMX system.

The initial release of the Symmetrix DMX-3 will support FICON-attached
IBM mainframes (zOS) and iSCSI or Fibre channel-based open systems hosts running AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows. Qualification and support for additional host environments and connectivity and
functionality options will be released throughout the remainder of 2005 and would be completed in early 2006.

Shipments of the Symmetrix DMX-3 is slated to begin in September.