Emerging Trends In Digital Marketing


Shrenik Gandhi

It’s a new year, time of the year when we predict on the basis of last year how this year will be for marketers and marketing in general. Given that 2014 marked a rapid adoption of digital marketing by brands and adoption of technology by consumers, 2015 seems to be a very exciting year ahead. There are too many trends for Digital Marketing in 2015. Here I will list down a few that I believe will have a big impact. 

Mobile First, Mobile Last:  You will be hard pressed to find any list of digital trends that do not talk about mobile. In India, South East Asia, Africa and other developing geographies - You will find a whole new generation that has skipped PC and laptop generation, they have landed right in the middle of a mobile revolution. With lowering cost and ease of accessibility to smartphones it’s time for brands to make a shift. Get your content right and get your technology even more accurate, after all you don’t want to miss the last arc. 

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Content Is and Will Be The King:  Nobody likes that guy in the party who talks about his own-self, however, everyone likes the guy who has something new to tell them, something which is exclusive and something that adds value to the listener. With new changes to Google algorithm an astute content strategy is not optional but it’s the most important thing that separates results on page 1 from other pages which none cares to visit. When it comes to social media and content, always remember who is that you would want to be in the party. 

Citizen Journalism:  Remember the old term ‘User Generated Content’? It’s come back in big way! If your website, app or marketing strategy is centred around driving more ‘UGC’ you will have a better shot at going ‘Viral’. Or else sit back and be the guy who only talks about himself. From Buzzed to Unworthy there is a whole new generation of web platforms rising to respect the fact that every opinion counts. Dear brands, every consumer opinion– bad or good– is on a steroid called social media. 

Owned Video Content: Coca Cola, RedBull, GoPro and Dove are some of the brands that got ahead of the curve and gave their best shot at continuously gaining mind share. It depends a lot on telling good stories, and, what better way than creating your very own original video content? 2015 will be where more brands indulge in social, positive or brand driven messages through video content and wait to get their next 1million views. 

Data, Data and Data: Call it big data or small data, it doesn’t matter. 2015 will be a year when marketers realize that fancy stories and messages are just the beginning. They will need to go back to basics of marketing, get all that data out from years of business, get the patterns and cycles out of it, re-apply it on your TG and then tailor your marketing strategy for each segment individually.

Digital Marketing vs. Marketing: Smarter marketers will realize that digital marketing is not separate from marketing. Rather, it is a two-way interactive tool in your hand that can become the cog in the wheel of marketing. Every marketing effort that a company will make can either be boosted by digital technologies or all those marketing efforts can bring back data that can supercharge your messages through digital marketing platforms. So I guess it’s time for us to take a fresh look at how we are doing things and how we can involve technology to be smarter than others.