Enabling Trust with Customers

by Raghu Krishnan     Jun 14, 2012

Living Infrastructure Forum was recently organized by Commscope and CXOtoday in Hyderabad. The event highlighted the need of having a scalable and well prepared infrastructure for future growth.

With regards to technology infrastructure, the most common pain point for any IT head or the CIO is all about managing growth. Cabling and networking are some of the two very initial steps in building the foundation for any infrastructure. This should be designed in a way that scalability aspect can be taken care of.

Living Infrastructure ForumApart from scalability there are several other important areas, such as; power saving, smart networking architecture and redundant network set up, which makes the IT head think smartly. On these lines, Commscope and CXO Today organized Living Infrastructure Forum in Hyderabad.
The event was well accepted by the CIOs and CTOs community. The event had witnessed vibrant participation from the audience. The company not only showcased the innovative technology which can redefine the overall experience of technology infrastructure but also it was emphasized that how this technology is actually helping organizations in dealing with day to day IT infrastructure challenges.

Mr Kishore PB, Business Manager, CommScope welcomed the audience, by highlighting the importance of customer awareness towards cutting edge technologies. The main activity of the event was started with the corporate presentation by Mr Manjunath GN Marketing Manager – India & SAARC, CommScope. Through his presentation, Mr Manjunath highlighted the portfolio of offerings from his organization. While introducing to the world of Commscope, he informed that, “We cover the entire plethora of communications needs for any individual. We create the infrastructure that connects the world and evolves with every advance in technology. Be it at home, at work or on the go, our infrastructure facilitates the communications process which is used by the common user”

“In terms of communications needs, CommScope has all the capabilities of adding value to the overall communications experience.” Mr Manjunath mentioned. He also informed that Commscope has 14 facilities worldwide which are ISO 14001 certified. Ashok Srinivasan, National Technical Manager, Commscope addressed his presentation focusing on the main theme of the event – Living Infratsructure.

Living Infrastructure ForumEmphasizing on a big challenge that the industry is facing about the growth of data and increase in the cost of this maintenance, Mr Srinivasan said, “It is very important for the IT head to create the infrastructure ready for future expansions. The true essence of living infrastructure can be understood by an infrastructure which is well prepared for the organizational growth, ready for the virtualized environment, cloud or whatever may come next.” He also added, “While establishing such a preparedness, intelligence is highly required at various levels. Intelligence of networks, intelligence of data management and so on are some key elements of such infrastructure.”

By looking at the present set of demands enterprise customer need a trusted advisor to take care of their infrastructure. Adding to this, Mr Srinivasan said, “Today we have to acknowledge some facts like, bandwidth consumption is driven by fairly advanced connected devices. Technology advancements are facilitating intelligence/sensors in more number of devices in the network. More intelligence is allowing better network and power efficiency. With such fast and dynamic pace, customers are in need of trusted advisors who can help them in selecting right form of technology solutions. We are happy to say that Commscope is geared up for such responsibility.”

The event’s activity was concluded by a very interactive panel discussion on the topic of ‘Is infrastructure is still considered as the high capital expense affair?’ The panel was attended by Manjunath GN, Ashok Srinivasan of Commscope and Tajvinder Singh, General Manager, Service Delivery, Anthelio. The panel was moderated by Faiz Askari, Editor – North, CXO Today.

Panel have discussed the facts and real life challenges regarding the IT infrastructure management. Probable solutions for tackling some of the commonly faced challenges were also discussed in the panel. It was also emphasized that the importance of having scalable infrastructure is extremely high.

The event had not only witnessed quality of knowledge exchange but it also witnessed great amount of interaction between the audience and the speakers.