Encourage internships to ensure quality talent supply

by Sharon Lobo    May 23, 2013

Today, a large number of businesses are contemplating on outsourcing their IT infrastructure, as it enables them to better concentrate on their core business. This trend is proving to be a boon for companies such as CMS Info Systems. Since its inception in 1976 when IBM left India, CMS has been a well-known name in the IT managed services space.

In an exclusive video interview to CXOtoday, Sudev Muthya, President – IT, CMS Info Systems, talks about the evolution of the managed IT services market, the perception of IT across industries, and how providing students internship opportunities will ensure the country has a steady supply of industry-ready talent.


1. How has the managed IT space evolved in the last couple of years? What are the key drivers? (00:07)

2. Which sectors seriously believe that managed IT services is the way forward? (02:56)

3. How can managed IT services enable a CIO to play a more strategic business role in the organisation? (03:32)

4. How do Indian organisations perceive big data? What are the challenges involved in its adoption? (04:52)

5. How can the industry play an active role in ensuring the availability of quality talent? (07:25)

6. How would you categorise Indian companies on the basis of their perception and adoption of technology? (10:21)

7. What will be CMS’ growth drivers in the years to come? (13:38)