Enter Grid: India Inc On The Move

by Sunil Kumar    Aug 23, 2006

Grid computing has come a long way from its heyday in the hallowed precincts of academia where it was initially conceptualized, to the modern-day enterprise that is now increasingly using it and standardizing its use across verticals.

Oracle India Private Ltd. has revealed that the growth rate of Indian enterprises adopting grid computing technology is faster than enterprises in the US, Europe and in other Asia Pacific regions.

According to an Oracle Grid Index IV report released today, India witnessed one of the sharpest increases in the grid adoption index globally. With a 38% increase, the adoption rate implies the readiness and maturity of Indian enterprises investing in modern, flexible and dynamic information technology infrastructure and commercial grid computing.

The Oracle Grid Index charts the global adoption of grid computing and analysis related technological issues and their implications on the business world. The company claimed that the Grid Index was an effective barometer for issues related to the adoption of Oracle throughout the world.

Seema Ambastha, Director - Sales Consulting (Database Technologies), Oracle India said, “The adoption of grid computing increasing in India, will have a ripple effect on implementation of SOA environment. SOA and grid computing go hand in hand to prove a highly manageable model that adds competitive value to any organization.”

“In terms of a split across verticals, the BFSI segment is the greatest adopter of grid computing, followed by the media, government, education, and healthcare segment,” added Ambastha.

Ambastha also informed that the roadblocks to adoption included a concern about security and lack of knowledge. She further added that although India is one of the fastest adopters of grid computing worldwide, it is not gung-ho on the adoption of SOA. The survey stated that 40% of Indian respondents are not eager to adopt SOA due to problems in current infrastructure. Another possible growth area for grid computing would be the telecom arena witnessing increasing activity lately.

About latest developments, Reserve Bank of India was considering adoption of grid computing. However, the defence sector was currently not adopting grid computing in a big way because of the secrecy and decentralized approach of the armed services. Ambastha added that one of the largest clients of Oracle was Ashok Leyland.