Enterprise smartphone market to see significant growth, says Ovum

by CXOtoday Staff    May 09, 2012

Enterprise smartphone shipments are expected to reach 32.9 million in 2012 from 26.8 million in 2011 globally, according to a recent report released by Ovum.

According to the report, North America is expected to lead the enterprise smartphone market with 17.26 million shipments in 2012. This would be followed by the European countries with 11.50 million shipments. The Ovum report highlighted that the Asia-Pacific region will be in the fourth position with 2.9 million enterprise smartphone shipments. Total shipments for the Middle-East and Africa will be 0.36 million in 2012.

Ovum calculated the forecast period in which the market will grow from 20 million shipments per year in 2010 to 54 million per year in 2016. It has been predicted that in 2016, North America will continue to lead the enterprise smartphone market with 25.55 million shipments. This will be followed Europe and Western Europe with 21.45 million and 20.32 million shipments respectively. By 2016, Asia-Pacific and Middle-East as well as Africa will reach 4.5 million and 0.6 respectively.

Ovum noted that the enterprise smartphone market will see significant growth over the forecast period because enterprises are increasingly adopting smartphones to support a range of business applications. The report added that the demand for enterprise smartphones is driven by the need to support business applications on mobile devices. CIOs/IT managers are increasingly adopting a more flexible work pattern as they continue to support remote employees.

The report also indicated the ability to download applications to smartphones is driving the adoption among employees, who are putting pressure on the CIOs/IT managers in their workplace to support similar capabilities.

According to the Ovum report, another impediment to market growth is the unwillingness of some CIOs to provide mobile devices to their employees. The report noted certain regional disparities. For example, enterprises in Europe are more likely to provide mobile devices to their employees, when compared to those in the Asia-Pacific, who are yet to wake up to this trend. Experts believe that on one hand, this reflects the maturity of the markets. On the other hand, this shows that in the emerging markets there is a block in the mindset to adopt mobility and the willingness to support the seeming high cost of mobile devices and services.