Enterprises can now Search in Billions

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 03, 2009

A new, revamped architecture allows the Google Search Appliance 6.0 (GSA) to scale-up to billions of documents at a time for information. A handy tool for enterprises that cannot spare time while looking for business-critical information.

With the GSA 6.0, Google is making its most serious effort to date in the enterprise search market.

Even if the content lives in a bunch of different departments or locations, in all kinds of formats, languages, and repositories, the GSA makes searching within your organization as simple as searching on, said Cyrus Mistry, product manager of GSA.

GSA 6.0 includes features like user-added results and query suggestions to
improve searches over time. Security policies can be edited as per the needs of
the organizations.

The increased capability of Google 6.0 is due to a new underlying architecture,
which Google calls ‘GSAn’ . It allows multiple geographically
distributed search appliances to be connected in a single, unified search

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