European Commission Pushes Open-source

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 23, 2003

In an era of growing open source popularity, the European Commission (European Union’s executive branch), has launched a Website for improving its understanding, and hopefully contributing towards its acceptance.

The site has supplemented EU’s substantial moves to support open source, which is seen by many EU member states as a way of cutting public-sector costs, stimulating the local software industry and fostering interoperability.

The site, launched earlier this month, is part of the EC’s Information Society program, which focuses on technology’s impact on government and society. It brings together information about EU research programs and e-government initiatives related to open source.

The EU has launched a number of open-source initiatives since 1998, and currently funds 20 research projects directly supporting open source, under the Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002).

In preparation for the Sixth Framework Programme, the EC has recommended that governments encourage the use of open source as a way of ensuring interoperability.