eX5 servers will be a game-changer in India

by Sharon Lobo    May 18, 2010

IBM believes its eX5 servers will be a game-changer in a price conscious market like India. Leo Joseph, VP Systems X- STG, IBM India/SA talks about the unique features of these new systems and the benefits it offers to businesses.

What are the new features in eX5 servers as compared to the previous generation?
IBMs eX5 systems are the first generation of enterprise X-Architecture to support blade, two-socket servers, MAX5 memory technology, and FlexNode, a feature that allows a single system to dynamically become two distinct systems or back again. They also are the first to de-couple memory from the processor.

How do these servers manage to reduce costs of existing IT infrastructure?
eX5 technology can reduce the number of servers required for a given workload by 50 percent, 97 percent reduction in database costs by optimizing I/O per second throughput, and lower licensing fees by half. These new systems can also deliver 2.8 times faster database performance and 3.8 times faster virtualization performance. With MAX 5 users can get 82 percent more virtual machines at the same 2 socket license cost. These systems can also cut the cost of running an Oracle environment by 66 percent and increase SAP performance three-fold.

In India which industry verticals are you targeting for your eX5 servers?
eX5 would be relevant across sectors, however we are primarily targeting the finance, industrial and the public sector. The growing SMB market in India can also gain a lot as these new systems.

Could you name few Indian companies who use IBM System x enterprise servers?
Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank after careful evaluation chose to implement IBM’s System x servers, across their 530 branches, while the HFCL Group has implemented IBM BladeCentre technology and X3650 servers. Other customers include SunDTV, Fullerton, Religare, MINDA etc.

How much do expect your current server market share to grow with the launch of eX5 servers?
IBM expects significant market share gains with eX5 in the enterprise market. eX5 is a game-changer in India as well, a market that is cost conscious, at the same time expects more performance and processing capability. We believe that the eX5 systems are coming to the market at a very opportune time. As clients begin to prepare for growth in 2010, they will need systems that are simple to implement, have enhanced memory capability to meet their extensive workload requirements, at the same time give them the benefit of cost savings that traditional x86 systems come with. The fifth generation of IBM’s x86 architecture will helps them address exactly these challenges.

What is your market strategy for ex5 — to deal with competing products and providing value to the customer?
IBM is expected to lead the enterprise x86 markets with eX5 portfolio. IBM started shipping x3850 x5 for more than 6 weeks now and with this IBM has an early mover advantage in market. With memory scalability, which is unique to IBM, eX5 is going to help customer’s significantly on reducing TCO as well as initial purchase cost.