Extending Hands in IT & Enterprise Sector: Fabmall

by Sonal Desai    Dec 01, 2006

Fabmall, one of the largest on-line retail stores in India, has plans to scale up its IT platform.

K. Vaitheeswaran, chief operating officer at Fabmall informs, “We will shift to net-based Microsoft program in the next four to six weeks. We are changing from MS site server to T server 2000. At present, Fabmall has customized and tested its own e-commerce technology platform, based on MS ASP.”

He says, “We have a catalogue of three and a half million items across 25 categories. .Net will enhance our capabilities. It will reduce our internal costs and enhance features to attract more customers to our store. We need to embrace advanced technology to keep pace with times and satisfy customer demands.”

Fabmall will also use .Net to leverage its presence on foreign shores. It is working closely with Indiaplaza.com, an e-commerce initiative, aimed solely at the non-resident Indians.
Explains Vaitheeswaran, “We work very closely with Indiaplaza.com and exchange of gifts through our partnership. At present, we are only sharing catalogues, but may integrate operations at a later stage. If that happens, we will use our .Net platform.”

Fabmall is also extending hands to the enterprise sector. It is integrating enterprise ERP into its supply chain system. Says Vaitheeswaran, “Once we sign a deal, it takes us about eight to 12 weeks to integrate our supply chain system with their ERPs. We have already integrated our supply chain system with the ERPs of Titan and Tanishq. We are talking to more manufacturers in the fields of jewellery, bi-cycles, apparel and FMCG.”

“The advantage being anybody with an internet access can use this system to make purchases anywhere in India,” he states.