Extensio Launches Symphony

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 18, 2006

Extensio Software Inc., provider of Information Integration and Delivery technology, has announced the launch of Extensio Symphony, the multi-interface delivery software that connects business users to enterprise applications on interfaces of their choice.

Extensio Symphony extends data from enterprise applications to right within Microsoft Office desktop applications, including Excel, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, mobile devices and to partner applications.

With the new software, users can query and update data from/to enterprise data stores such as SAP R/3, Oracle E-Business Suite, J D Edwards, custom database applications and even partner portals, in real-time, without leaving their familiar interfaces and devices.

With its SOA based architecture, Extensio Symphony enables enterprises to connect their MS Office, mobile and application interfaces with multiple number of back-end enterprise applications, such as SAP R/3, Oracle E-business Suite, SCM, CRM, databases, flat files, HTTP sources and XML sources. Further, it works with Microsoft Office 2000+ onwards, and requires no upgrades.

The software enables business users to save time, decrease operational risks, and improve data accountability. It eliminates cut-and-paste based data collecting mechanism from enterprise applications to Microsoft Excel. It enables users to get real-time data from enterprise applications within Excel with a single click refresh. It helps avoid any data-integrity issues with copying and reduces compliance issue.

Users that would benefit from the software include logistics managers who want to create real-time refreshable Excel reports, purchase manager who want to use their Outlook for approving purchase orders; managers who want to track projects and status automatically as they receive status e-mails; and analysts who want to combine data from enterprise applications and other enterprise data stores for budgeting purposes.

Extensio Symphony Solution consists of the following software components:

* Information Delivery Server

* Enterprise Applications Adapter

* Technology Adapter(s),

* Extender for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Desktop

* Extender for Mobile Devices

* Extenders for Applications

Enterprises can buy Extensio Adapters specific to the enterprise application available for other information sources within their enterprise, and extend the benefits of multi-channel information delivery technology to all data sources.

Desktop bound end-users can download and install the extenders on their desktops. Once deployed, customers can add or delete information services as and when required using the Extensio Studio, without requiring a server restart. The added/ modified information services are delivered to the end-users dynamically, without any effort on the user’s side.

The solution has two types of pricing, a limited user pricing, which depends upon the modules deployed, and starts at about 1.5 lakhs for an enterprise with a minimum of 25 users. The other is unlimited user pricing, which could start at about 7.5 to 8.5 lakhs and go upto 15 to 16 lakhs, depending upon the modules that they go in for.

Extensio Symphony also has a hosted version and is available for download. Extensio Extender for Microsoft outlook is available for beta evaluation.