F5 Encouraging Unified Architecture

by Sonal Desai    Jun 15, 2009

F5 is moving beyond its traditional route. The vendor is templatising apps, and getting aggressive with its product offerings.


With shrinking budgets, corporates need IT to be more dynamic. Most organizations are not cutting budgets, but are cutting down on new projects or earmark lesser budget for new projects.


People are looking at dynamic infrastructure. There is an overlap between IT and applications, said Mike Krasnov: product marketing manager at F5.


Newer trends such as innovativeness of contact centers, software as a service (SaaS), and virtualisation are enabling transition of contact centers into business centers. Therefore, technology does not mandate changes in architecture/infrastructure, and yet can drive changes. That is how you address the classic CIO vs. CFO debate, said Satyen Parikh, managing director SAARC, F5.


Also with changing needs, there is a need for unified architecture, but it should be intelligent. All these can be installed as pieces on top of the architecture. Customers are looking at decreasing maintenance cost, storage costs, and therefore budgets. We are templatising works that the IT people can take to the apps team things like blade server at the hardware level which are packet deliverable and not the application level, said Lim Chin Keng, director, FSE and partner enablement, F5.


In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Krasnov, Parikh and Keng said that F5 is also developing its own version of cloud computing. We will offer the same level of flexibility and adaptability. We will use this technology as a back-up load balancer. So instead of outsourcing the data center, we are encouraging customers to convert it to a cloud.


According to Keng and Parikh, telcos are the early adopters. This is because it enables ISVs challenged with different price models to share infrastructure and hence reduce capex.


It must be mentioned here that F5 announced that security and acceleration can co-exist in its recent release — v10. The vendor has already developed 15 templates of applications for Microsoft + IAM, SAP, BA, Siebel, Vmware, Sharepoint, etc which are quicker to deploy apps. It is addressing the financial services, telecom, retail and social networking sites with these templates.


Krasnov said that in its new release v11/v/2 and future products, F5 will introduce more unification and intelligent network access. And more templates.  

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