F5 offers enhanced VXLAN support for Big-IP

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 10, 2012

F5 NetworksF5 Networks announced that it has extended its support for VXLAN functionalities and that its upcoming versions of its Big-IP application delivery controllers will support virtual tunneling endpoint capabilities in VXLAN.

VXLAN is one of a host of emerging technologies that is equipped to address limitations in Ethernet that constricts available network paths and hamper the expansion of highly virtualized and multitenant data center networks. It extends the mobility of virtual machines within a designated segment that can communicate with each other and address the needs of scale as data center deployments become larger, both intra-data center and inter-data center.

“F5 solutions occupy strategic points of control in the network, putting us in a great position to collaborate with VMware in optimizing customers’ virtualization and cloud infrastructures,” said Anil Pochiraju, Managing Director, F5 Networks India and SAARC. He added that the BIG-IP platform serves as an ideal gateway to help organizations achieve the full benefits of F5’s ADN services in their SDN deployments.

This implies that VXLAN is part of its broader Software Defined Network (SDN) strategy.

“As an evolving concept, SDN has recently captured the attention of enterprise and cloud IT believes Rohit Mehra, Director of Enterprise Communications Infrastructure at IDC.

“While current deployments still have to catch up with SDN’s promise and business potential, they do signal new ways for IT to improve the agility and efficiency of applications, along with the underlying data center infrastructure. In the near-term, enterprises pursuing SDN will benefit significantly from integration initiatives between technology leaders such as VMware and F5,” he said.

VXLAN is backed by VMware, Cisco and other vendors. F5’s Big-IP product line, which already supports VXLAN, will offer this new functionality in the first half of 2013.