New Chrome Extension To Combat Fake News On Facebook

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 16, 2016

Fake News on Facebook New Chrome Extension to Combat This

Since the US election night, Facebook is facing criticism for fake news and hoaxes doing the rounds on the social media platform. The company insist that there are only a small amount of news which is fake and that it is not any particular party oriented. But critics seem to resist this. (Click here to read more)

Named B.S. Detector, this Chrome extension claims to identify and show up news that seems to be fake. This project was released on Tuesday and can identify news on Facebook that trace its source from somewhere suspicious. When a user reads through an article that seems to be fake, a warning appears alerting the user that the source of the news may be from an incredible source.

Firstpost stated Daniel Sieradski, creator of the extension, saying that he compiled a list of well-known hoax sites that the extension flags rather than developing an algorithm to warn users about individual articles. He also said the sites run across the political spectrum and users can submit requests to modify those settings on Github.

“I built this in about an hour yesterday after reading [Mark Zuckerberg’s] BS about not being able to flag fake news sites. Of course you can. It just takes having a spine to call out nonsense. This is just a proof of concept at this point, but it works well enough,” said Sieradski.

According to Gizmodo, Facebook was considering to implement tools that would block hoaxes on the social network, but abandoned the project with the fear of appearing politically biased. Gizmodo goes on to say that Facebook was very concerned and had taken appropriate measures to hide fake news and hoaxes earlier this year, but realised that the update ‘disproportionately impacted right-wing sites’. So, the company deliberately chose not to take steps to curb fake news as it impacted right-wing publishers.