Fake Websites Outside Electoral Purview

by Muntazir Abbas    May 06, 2009

Even as the 15th Lok Sabha elections has seen political parties and candidates leveraging the power of the Internet to garner votes, Sudha Yadav, former MP and BJP’s national secretary who is also a candidate from Gurgaon, seems to be at the receiving end of a web campaign. Yadav recently lodged a complaint with the local electoral authorities of a fake website maligning her.

Yadav had recently come up with a dedicated Web address - www.sudhayadav.net - with a video and achievements during her previous (1999-2004) Lok Sabha stint, in an attempt to gain popularity.

Commenting on the issue, Sajjan Singh, chief electoral officer of Haryana, expressed ignorance. According to Singh, this (fake Website) is something beyond the electoral process. "The issue does not come under election purview, as this is somewhat related to the digital domain of IT. So how can we stop a person faking a Website," he added.

In a telephonic conversation with CXOtoday, Yadav said that following her protest, the owners of  the fake Website - http://www.sudhayadav.com - took off the derogatory remarks. On asking about the damage to her election campaign, Yadav said, "The existence of a fake Website doesn’t make any impact on my election campaign." 

The Website earlier alleged that during her previous five-year tenure (1999-2004), when NDA government was in power, no significant progress was made in the region. The site has since been revamped and carries Web links to various press clippings.


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