Farmer's Handicapped Son Develops Hindi Browser

by Julia Fernandes    Oct 13, 2004

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions, and this old adage fits perfectly into the following story. Jagdeep Dangi, a physically challenged youth hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh was a victim of the (English) language barrier that left many unfortunate citizens in this country in complete technological darkness.

So instead of waiting for the rest of the country to wakeup and address his problem, Dangi developed a fully functional Web browser in Hindi for the benefit of the countless Net-savvy Hindi-speaking populace in the country.

Sharing with CXOtoday the inspiration behind developing the browser, Dangi stated, “Being a Hindi medium student, I have faced the same difficulties, which scores of other vernacular medium students at some time or the other have faced — the perennial language block of English. This problem turned more acute especially when I was pursuing my computer engineering degree. And that was the turning point that inspired me to develop this Hindi Web browser.”

The browser is replete with the functionalities of Internet Explorer but all in Hindi (Devanagari). In addition, it also has extra functions such as opening multiple files, saving files, a search bar, slides and auto history viewers.

One of the key functionalities of the browser is the word translator. All that the user has to do is to click on any word online or offline and it would instantly translate the same in Hindi along with the correct pronunciation.

The browser also offers two type of translators — one is local and the other is a global word translator that is compatible with all Windows applications online or offline.

Dangi has used object-oriented methodology in coding with Visual Basic, creating 1027 KB lines of codes with all program blocks and algorithms being his own (Absolutely no copy-paste’s). Developed single-handedly, it took him more than three years to make the application.

The browser can run on all Windows operating systems right from 95, 98, 2000 to ME, NT and Windows XP. However, it is not compatible with Unix or Linux.

Disclosing his other achievements, Dangi stated that he has also developed an English to Hindi or vice-versa digital dictionary, which currently supports 20,320 words and allows users to add more words as per their requirements. This dictionary enables users to search for synonym words either in English or Hindi within a few seconds.

Though Dangi has applied for a patent, he is uncertain how to market and release the product commercially and is looking for guidance.

With a B.E. from SATI College in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, 26-year old Dangi revealed that he houses a mini-library of 400-500 computer and engineering books, which keep his innovative mind always occupied; a diversion that is extremely necessary as his mobility is severely restricted due to handicapped lower limbs.

Though short on money and resources, Dangi, the son of a farmer, nurtures a dream of developing an entire operating system in Hindi. However, until then, he is content with savoring the success of his browser.