“Faster time-to-market has become a priority for CIOs”

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 09, 2012

Homi HPHormuzd Karkaria, Vice President, Best Shore Applications, HP Enterprise Services speaks about key CIO priorities and how HP has evolved its offerings to meet enterprise needs. Excerpts:

Q] What according to you are some of the key priority areas for IT departments?

Today CIOs are looking to address business problems and how they can achieve faster time to market. A couple of years back cutting IT expenditure were of utmost importance. Though cutting IT costs still remain important, it is not as important as the business outcome or launching new products in the market.

Q] You touched upon how HP made its organization simpler and leaner to help the company create a better organizational structure. In terms of offerings, how will this change benefit enterprise users?

During this change, our industrialized delivery systems (IDS) or clusters evolved from being location centric. Initially we offered services from siloed disconnected centres. These centres have now moved to connect resources either through horizontal capabilities or domain expertise across the globe in a centralized manner.

It is about facilitating collaboration of resources in real time irrespective of the locations involved. We have broken account specific structure into what we call a service line model. We have worked to have features that can capture and store relevant information in a knowledge base so that it can be used in the future.

This model will help us to provide high value solutions for enterprises.

Q] Can you share some examples where such real-time collaboration can prove to be effective?

Take the case of many customers who can leverage their assets without infringing on each others data in a centralized manner.

Another instance would be customers who need real-time analytics. Rather than wait for month end to generate financial reports, they can have it on weekly basis. The business sales force can now know well in advance the status of their inventory in order to give pricing solutions.