Finolex Cables To Automate Its Supply Chain

by Amit Tripathi    Jan 12, 2005

In a bid to lend the just-in-time (JIT) approach of production a major boost, Finolex Cables Ltd, the Pune based cable manufacturing major, plans to bring all its suppliers onto a centralized network.

Elaborating on the proposed initiative to CXOtoday, Mohandas, head-IT, Finolex Cables, said, “We wish to make our suppliers active participants in the production process. Thus we are looking at a supply chain management (SCM) solution that will extend our enterprise applications to the suppliers enabling them to participate online.”

Once the system is in place, Mohandas expects various processes like order receiving, dispatch, payment and receivables becoming extremely smooth and efficient. The company has more than 100 suppliers from all across the country.

Finolex has been a SAP ERP user since a long time. Over the years, it has continuously upgraded its ERP and currently it is on SAP 4.7. The evaluating committee of the company is now scrutinizing SAP SRM solution more closely. Says Mohandas, “This would call for lesser hassles relating to compatibility and integration. But we are also evaluating a few other systems including that of i2.”

At Finolex Oracle 9i as well as the other applications, reside on HP/Unix servers. The company’s 15 depots and other locations access the database and the applications through 128 Kbps leased line connectivity. A SAN-FC storage architecture is deployed for faster and real-time data retrieval.

Expressing his personal views on the highly debated Microsoft v/s Linux topic, Mohandas believes that Microsoft is the ultimate. He is not very convinced about the stability rhetoric that is going around in favor of Linux.

As more and more Indian manufacturing enterprises realize the value in automating their supply chain, technology does seem to play a greater role in achieving the same, thereby lending companies an edge in their go-to-market strategies.