Firms Adopting Mobility Solutions Seeing 150% ROI

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 13, 2015


Organizations investing in business mobility are seeing significant improvements in their ROI, as high as 150 percent, according to a recently published VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report. The report stated that companies are beginning the business mobility transformation, shifting at least one core business process to the mobile paradigm, and are noticing considerable effectiveness of their employees, in their ability to connect with and satisfy customers and generate new revenue streams.

To support this shift, the organizations surveyed said they are upgrading infrastructure, introducing customer-facing mobile apps and reprocessing mission-critical applications for mobile employees, said the report. At present however, only 20 percent of companies have executed business mobility initiatives, transforming at least one core business process to a mobile model of the 1182 respondents the firm interviewed. These organizations said they have updated infrastructure, invested in mobile devices and rebuilt or reengineered applications that take advantage of mobility to make the business more competitive.

On the whole, forward-looking enterprises view mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as an integral, business-boosting part of their IT environments. While many companies have not currently embraced the mobile model, the data showed many organizations are earnestly working to achieve business mobility, as nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents have completed or are actively re-engineering a core business process to a mobile model within the next 12 months. To achieve these strategy goals, organizations said they are making key investments spanning infrastructure, applications and process alignment. More specifically, these organizations said they are upgrading infrastructure to support a mobile business model, (77 percent), introducing new mobile customer-facing apps (70 percent) and rebuilding or reengineering mission critical applications for mobile employees (69 percent) today or within the next 12 months.

Business mobility initiatives are driving a range of strategic results for global organizations. As companies shift applications and data to a mobile platform, increased security remains a most critical priority (55 percent), along with disaster recovery to protect IP (32 percent). At the same time, improving workforce effectiveness – beyond just simple employee productivity – is essential (34 percent), along with creating an improved user experience that keeps pace with the environment users are experiencing in their consumer lives (31 percent). 

The study reveals investment in business mobility solution can average ROI of 150 percent. These businesses see increased benefits compared to those who have not executed business mobility, including the ability to more rapidly bring new revenue streams online (51 percent vs. 16 percent), cost of lost business opportunity (-44 percent vs. -22 percent) and user access to mission-critical apps (47 percent vs. 32 percent).