Flock Plans To Take On Slack With Chat Based OS

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 22, 2016


Enterprise team messaging applications Flock has announced the world’s first chat based operating system and is supposedly eyeing at Slack, its bigger rival in the US. Slack entered the collaboration market only two years ago and became a clear leader in business and team messenger application.

Flock’s latest chat based operating system allows developers to build customized apps, bots and add integrations on the messenger. Apps and integrations are prioritized in the FlockOS ecosystem.  The app can be customized to be used within the organization, or publish it on Flock’s App Store, making them available for all Flock users.

“Messaging and collaboration platforms have become the systems by which teams become more productive. Currently, most of our activities are collaborative in nature, and increasingly there will be the need of simple apps that are built on top of the messaging framework. Chat will soon become the next operating system, probably within the next three to five years.” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Flock. “FlockOS empowers teams to create custom experiences within Flock that is designed for their unique team needs.”

Flock aims to provide users with a seamless experience with all integrations. The new OS will allow developers to build apps that customize URL previews for specific URLs, so the app can display information relevant for the user. It will deliver a consistent experience across platforms including web, desktop, and mobile without having to rework a single line of code.

“Other similar solutions limit the user’s interactions with apps to simple notifications and slash commands which results in a substandard experience for the user and low app discoverability and usage from a developer’s perspective. But with FlockOS, we have thrown open our platform to the global developer community. Our UI is a canvas for developers, allowing them to create truly intuitive apps and integrations which seamlessly blend with the core product” further added Bhavin. 

While developers can currently build custom apps on FlockOS using Java and node.js SDKs with additional SDKs-Python, Ruby and others to roll out soon, it still remains to be seen whether Flock will be able to outshine Slack.