Forbes To Abandon Problematic Windows 2003 Server

by Hinesh Jethwani    Jan 07, 2004

Bogged down with recurring abnormal errors and business logic malfunctions, Forbes Infotainment, which runs an online lottery system in the country, is currently evaluating the option of switching over to the Linux platform.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Naresh Sharma, GMÂ-IT, Forbes Infotainment, said, “We have already submitted a recommendation for the same to the application development team, and we are waiting for a confirmed decision. In July last year, we installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (RHEL AS) 2.1 on our Intel based HP cluster server, which has given us error free performance.”

Forbes Infotainment, which runs the popular Â’DhanDhanaDhan’ lottery system across 5 states in the country, has 1100 Windows CE based terminals connected to its server set.

Sharma added, “Saving costs was not our primary concern when we decided to opt for the Linux server platform, rather we were looking for a high degree of stability and performance.”

The company has installed Windows Server 2003 on its communication server and business logic (transaction) server. Remote terminals talk to the communication server, and the transaction server is responsible for the online printing of lottery tickets. The database server is running on RHEL AS 2.1, which supports its Oracle 9i database on a 1.3 TB SAN storage system. The secure closed group is connected through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), with GPRS services provided by Airtel and BPL.

Detailing the problems encountered while using Windows Server 2003 on the communication and transaction server side, Sharma said, “We have been facing this perennial problem of business logic malfunction, which is solved only when we reset the server. We have an active-passive server combination, and hence shifting loads is possible without compromising network availability.”

Since Forbes’ DBA’s were already conversant with Unix, shifting to the Linux platform on the database side was not a problem.