Forrester Urges Self-service Mashups for BI Users

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 30, 2009

A newly published Forrester Research report states that enterprise business intelligence (BI) professionals, faced with severe resource constraints and tight budgets, have to deal with lengthening queue of user requests to develop and revise reports, dashboards, cubes, and other analytic applications and data structures. To reduce the pressure on IT and satisfy user requests, these professionals should provide users with self-service mashup capabilities.
"Mashup-style self-service BI relieves developers from having to respond to an incessant stream of user requests for low-level changes to reports, dashboards, and cubes. Instead, users can make those view changes themselves at the client level, without affecting back-end data models," the report stated.

Within this self-service model, the report explores what it takes to build mashups from both the business and IT sides. Data mashups are highlighted as the way IT can provide self-service business users with virtualized, federated access to the heterogeneous data required. Automated source discovery is also identified as a key capability, due to the myriad of data sources and complexity of data models typical in large enterprises today.

Composite Software was one of the vendors included in the report with software solutions featuring the majority of capabilities that make up key BI Mashup technology. These capabilities include an in-memory BI client, data virtualization/EII, interactive browser-based visualization, and automated source discovery.