FortiGate-3600A-A Boost for Security Systems

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 05, 2006

In a bid to combat multi threat security and enhance performance and flexibility for enterprises and service providers, Fortinet today announced the general availability of its FortiGateTM3600A appliance. The appliance includes additional ports and slots that can be leveraged for wide area network interfaces.

FortiGate- 3600A is the result of integration between Fortinet’s next generation FortiAsic Content Processor and new components. At a performance boost of 50%, it is the fastest multi security appliance in the industry.

Factors like cost efficiency, deployment flexibility, ease of administration among enterprises, mobile carriers and MSSPs encourage multi threat security appliances adoption.

FortiGate-3600A includes expansion slots that provide deployment flexibility via standard-based AMC network adaptor modules - enabling customers to adapt to a variety of WAN technologies and future internal network technologies such as 10-GigE. The use of AMC expansion modules is in line with Fortinet’s commitment toward designs that are based on industry-wide hardware standards, including ATCA and MicroTCA that offer flexibility and cost efficiencies to the end user.

Its features include:

* Fortinet’s next generation Content Processor-6 (CP-6) FortiASIC that increases content inspection performance, delivers improvements of 50 percent for firewall and boosts content processing function performance. The FortiGate-3600A is Fortinet’s first system to incorporate its next generation FortiASIC, which, over time, will be included in all Fortinet products.

* Two FortiAccel hardware accelerated Gigabit SFP ports to provide wire speed packet performance for networks that demand high-speed small packet performance firewall applications, such as voice over IP.

* Eight 10/100/1000 copper gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity to DMZ and data center connections as well as complex high availability architectures.

* Active/Active High Availability (HA) and redundant components, such as the dual and hot-swappable power supplies that increase resiliency and network availability.

* Dual core processing for improved general system performance.

Like all FortiGate systems, the FortiGate-3600A delivers comprehensive network and content protection through integration of eight essential security applications and services - including antivirus, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention (IPS), anti-spam, anti-spyware, web filtering and traffic shaping. The systems are kept up to date automatically by Fortinet’s FortiGuard subscription services that provide continuous updates to ensure protection against the latest viruses, worms, Trojans, and other threats .

“Defending evolving threat landscape requires multiple integrated security technologies that ensure mitigation of all threat vectors without compromising network performance,” said Freddy Mangum, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet.

The FortiGate-3600A is available now through Fortinet’s global network of channel partners.