Fortinet Expands FortiMail Family

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 20, 2005

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solutions provider Fortinet has expanded its family of FortiMail by announcing FortiMail-2000 and FortiMail 2.2.

FortiMail-2000 is a secure messaging appliance targeted at large enterprises, universities and managed security service providers (MSSPs) and FortiMail 2.2 is a new firmware release for FortiMail systems.

FortiMail system includes an antivirus detection engine for virus and spyware protection and complete email scanning. They seamlessly integrate with FortiGate security appliances and FortiGuard Antispam Service and provide update to reduce “obvious spam” at the network perimeter.

Features of FortiMail 2.2 firmware are:

* Enhanced Spam Detection: Includes some email content inspection features like checksum blocklist, greylist, heuristics, spam URI real-time blocklist, that brings antispam detection accuracy up to 97 percent.

* New Regulatory Compliance Features: Archiving and quarantining, customizable and granular spam reports, inbound and outbound email filtering and reporting, and high availability.

The FortiMail 2000 is a system which enhance the existing FortiMail-400 designed for SMBs, delivering scalable capacity, performance and enhanced 2.2 firmware features to secure messaging for high-volume, mission-critical infrastructures such as large enterprises, universities and MSSPs.

FortiMail offers three protective modes of operation - transparent mode, gateway mode and server mode, for enterprise deployment.

In transparent mode, the system provides seamless integration into existing network environments. In gateway mode, the system allows scanning of both in bound and outbound email messages. In server mode, the system provides complete email server functionality in addition to antivirus and antispam functionality.

Chris Roeckl, VP - corporate marketing, Fortinet, said, “Our new FortiMail 2.2 firmware and new FortiMail-2000 system give customers greater functionality and choice in deploying the solution that best suits their email security capacity and performance needs while dramatically and rapidly decreasing the spam problem for network of all sizes.”