Fortinet Launches Carrier Class Security Platform

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 14, 2004

Fortinet, the provider of ASIC-powered, network-based antivirus firewall systems has introduced a robust network security platform that can scale to carrier-grade requirements and cost-effectively meet large enterprise requirements as well.

The company launched today the FortiGate 5000 series, a scalable multi-function security platform, primarily targeted for network, edge, or core deployments at very large enterprises, carriers, and managed service providers (MSPs).

Sharing some of the highpoints of the solution with CXOtoday, Vishak Raman, country manager, Fortinet, revealed, “In terms of scalability, the solution can be scaled from two to 14 blades, with the ability of clustering numerous blades in a single chassis-based system.”

Speaking briefly about the functionalities, Raman stated, “The FortiGate 5001 solution comes bundled with a firewall, VPN, antivirus, IPS, IDS, antispam, Web content filtering, and traffic shaping, with a throughput up to 3 Gbps for Firewall, 600 Mbps for 3DES IPSec VPN, 400 Mbps for IPS and 200 Mbps for antivirus scanning.

The FortiGate 5000 family consists of three chassis models, the two-slot FortiGate 5020, five-slot FortiGate 5050, and 14-slot FortiGate 5140; each of which are populated with FortiGate 5001 blades that provide security functions and/or FortiGate-5003 blades that provide high availability (HA) clustering functions.

Users can configure the FortiGate 5000 systems to meet a wide range of throughput and reliability requirements by selecting the right combination of FortiGate blades. In addition, the FortiGate 5000 family scales from 3 Gbps Firewall to over 42 Gbps Firewall with the FortiGate 5140.

With the FortiGate 5000 chasis, the company has become the first security vendor to comply with the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) industry standard — a new series of specifications for carrier grade communications equipment. And, this makes the FortiGate 5000 series the first AdvancedTCA-based network security system.

The two-slot FortiGate 5020 and the five-slot FortiGate 5050 chassis and the FortiGate 5001 and 5003 blades are currently available via Fortinet’s global network of authorized distributors and resellers, while the FortiGate 5140 chassis will be available in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The company currently has 130 customers on its roll, spread across banks, financial institutions, online gaming companies, large data centers, and service providers.

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