Fortinet Offers Integrated Security

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 02, 2005

Fortinet a known Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution provider, today announced FortiAnalyzer 3.0 (formerly FortiLog), a major new firmware release for the product.

It also announced two new appliances in the FortiAnalyzer family - the 100A and 2000 models, targeted at SMBs and large enterprises respectively. The FortiAnalyzer 3.0 firmware will run on the new appliance models as well as Fortinet’s existing FortiLog-400 and 800 appliances.

FortiAnalyzer 3.0 has the following add-ons:

* Vulnerability Scanner: Improves network security by scanning servers from a variety of platforms, can be remotely accessed.
* Network Analyzer: Captures all packets flowing through the network switch, can be remotely accessed.
* Enhanced Event Correlation: Improves security through event correlation reports that identify possible viruses or suspicious activity.
* Centralized Quarantining: Provides storage through detailed traffic logging and infected file quarantining.
* IM and Email Content Archiving: Examines and stores detailed reports of text in email and IM applications.
* Data Mining: Allows administrators to track network activity by user name and application.
* Increased Reports: Includes 75 new reports to encompass over 300 reports total.

The new FortiAnalyzer appliances aim to deliver scalable capacity, performance and enhanced 3.0 firmware features, providing administrators with a single source for gathering, correlating, analyzing and storing event data from dispersed FortiGate security appliances across their network security infrastructure.

The FortiAnalyzer-2000 system includes four Gigabit Ethernet ports and the highest amount of CPU performance and RAM of all FortiAnalyzer systems to deliver larger networks with a comprehensive view of network usage and security information.

The FortiAnalyzer-100A system is suited to meet the security analyzing, logging and reporting needs for small to mid-sized enterprises. It includes four 10/100 Ethernet ports, and supports logging for up to 100 FortiGate security appliances. The FortiAnalyzer-100A system has storage capacity of 120 GB.

“Real-time security analyzing, logging and reporting are essential features for managing and maintaining a complete end-to-end network security infrastructure, as well as meeting government and industry compliance requirements,” said Chris Roeckl, VP of corporate marketing, Fortinet.

FortiAnalyzer 3.0 firmware will be available in December to all customers with valid support contracts for free. The new appliance platforms are available now.