Fortis, Max and Metro Deploy NextGen Solutions

by Muntazir Abbas    Mar 16, 2009

As the Indian healthcare technology market is all set to become more than $250 million by 2012, NextGen is already facilitating some of NCR s leading private-sector hospitals, including Fortis, Max and Metro hospitals

 NextGen eSolutions, a provider of healthcare information systems with specialization in workflow automation and customized solutions for neurosurgery, cardiovascular and audiology, has implemented key health management solutions to leading private-sector healthcare facilities including Fortis, Max Healthcare and Metro Hospitals, besides other laboratories and professionally-managed clinics in NCR.
With the increase in medical tourism, more hospitals are adopting technology-led solutions to their core. The Indian healthcare technology market is set to become more than $250 million by 2012. NexGen has the simplest technological solutions for complicated reports, data analytics, patient demographics, data libraries, which have worked wonders for many medical institutions, said Dinesh Parekh, founder and CEO of NextGen eSolutions.
The company has developed a sophisticated analytics and reporting software for the cardiology department of Max Healthcare. The solution offers uniformity and consistency in clinical procedures reporting. It also methodically accumulates analytical intelligence over thousands of patients. This analytics can help a specialist in drawing macro-level inferences and facilitates the hospital in planning capacity.

For Fortis, we have developed the Centralized Appointment Management System, which streamlines physicians busy schedules and improves patient experience by ensuring multi-technology communication, he said. The company s NextGen ScheduLogix solution helps in bringing down patient waiting time at hospitals.
Parekh is optimistic and said that they are engaged in implementing a comprehensive Web-based Hospital Management System - NextGen HospiLogix - across all the Metro hospitals in a phased manner.
NexGen eSolutions has already developed technology to transform complex processes of appointment handling in Metro Hospitals, patient data management and billing accuracy as well as next generation of IT solutions like Web, SMS, call center integration for a more patient-friendly experience. The company offers solutions for a spectrum of medico sphere, such as hospital management, cathlabs and dentistry.  
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