Geometric Releases NestLib 2009 R3

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 11, 2009

Geometric has released the latest version of NestLib, one of the most successful nesting technologies in the market, focused on optimizing two dimensional packaging.

NestLib 2009 R3 features improvements in algorithms for material utilisation for sheet metal punching. It provides optimised, high speed and robust algorithms for fully automated True Shape nesting. The NestLib portfolio consists of a base module and a set of optional advanced modules, each of which provides specialised functionality.

The highlights of the new version include:

  • Introduction of a new algorithm that allows punch profiles to be nested outside the sheet boundary. This results in improved material utilization in sheet metal punching operations.
  • Extension of support for inclined guillotine cuts by providing the edge matching feature, for the wood working industry
  • A new feature that allows sharing of punch profiles only with copies of the same part. This makes the punching operations easier and safer
  • Enhancements to the Grid Fit module which lets users specify their preferred nesting direction, when optimizing nested layouts

NestLib is available as a static library, Dynamic linked library (DLL), and COM DLL. It also supports Java and .NET framework. NestLib is available for 32 -bit and 64 -bit Microsoft Windows OS as well as for Sun Solaris and Linux platforms. It can be ported to Mac OS on demand. NestLib also supports multi-core computing for both dual core and quad core computers.