Globus Stores Shops For New BI

by Julia Fernandes    Oct 15, 2004

Globus Stores, the retail arm of Rajan Raheja group, catering to the fashion apparel needs of the urban Indian, is in search of an effective Business Intelligence (BI) tool that can adequately address their growing and complex data warehousing needs.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Prasad Shastrabudhe- Dy GM-IT, Globus Stores Pvt Ltd., said, “In a country like ours with a diverse customer base, as a retail company we constantly need information to act on customer’s needs. In the absence of an effective business intelligence tool, customers’ requirements cannot be easily identified, nor can sales peaks and dips be easily predicted. And that explains the need for an effective BI solution. ”

Currently the company has deployed Retail IDEAS, which sits on MS SQL database. Designed by JDA, retail IDEAS is a client/server data warehousing system that provides retailers with applications for analyzing and monitoring their business.

To meet their existing retail requirements, the organization has deployed Master Merchant Systems (MMS), which sits on an IBM AS/400 machine based on the OS/400 (V4R5) operating system.

The retail major is using JDA’s Win/DSS, for streamlining the management of their store operations. The company has more than 70 POS terminals deployed across seven locations in India.

In terms of IT purchases, the retail company is planning to purchase another AS/400 machine.

Talking about some of the common concerns faced by CIOs in the retail industry, Prasad observed that the first concern is undoubtedly the quality of service to customers, followed by deft handling of the merchandising aspect of the business. And lastly, procuring and analyzing data regarding the buying consumption pattern of customers- for eg what are they buying, what is the age group, frequency of buying, etc. In an industry, which is rapidly changing, ’forward thinking’ is the catchword, which every CIO in the retail industry needs to adopt, concluded Prasad.

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