Go Green with Solutions from Radio-Tech

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 07, 2009

Radio-Tech, a specialist in wireless telemetry, has developed an energy management system that will enable organisations to monitor their energy consumption. Based on the usage, companies can plan on how they can reduce energy consumption.

Radio-Tech’s wireless data capture technology allows companies to monitor remote assets, consumption of water, electricity and gas. Such meter reading systems can help in providing timely data with less effort, allowing companies to identify areas where they can save on consumption costs.

Radio-Tech provides a range of radio telemetry products for ’sub-metering applications’ — where organisations wish to measure energy consumption within particular areas of their sites. Low-power radio transmitters and data concentrators allow collection of metering data.

Technology includes network sensors that relay data, such as humidity and temperature, to a central database. Data can be collected from individual residents of commercial sites or different areas of a business — both remotely and securely.