Godrej Infotech's Money-back Guarantee ERP

by Amit Tripathi    Feb 09, 2005

‘An ERP with money-back guarantee’, sounds incredible but its true. Godrej Infotech plans to offer its ERP- eNccompass, for those Indian enterprises that are skeptical of the success of an application of this magnitude.

Explains Pradip Kapoor, CEO, Godrej Infotech, “The offer titled eNccompass ‘Oye Oye G’ (Own your ERP - Optimize your enterprise with guarantee) is now targeted for Indian customers only. This is a guaranteed implementation with a money-back offer. Our experience of implementing ERP projects and our confidence of making them successful has lead to our making this bold commitment.”

eNccompass integrates all business process functions right from order to cash, multi-logistics, multi-finance set up with group consolidation and drill down facilities. It is optimized to work in the environment with low connectivity speeds.

Detailing the price specifics, Kapoor said, “Under the scheme (valid till March 31, 2005) customers will be offered a 20 user licence for Rs 11 lakh (product cost Rs 6 lakh, implementation cost Rs 5 lakh), and a charge of Rs 10,000 per user for additional users.”

The customer will have to pay an AMC of Rs 1.2 lakh, and Rs 2,500 per additional user. A discount mechanism is also included in the offer if the customer wishes to switch from an existing ERP.

However, what are the prospects of an ERP with such a scheme?

Observes Sanjay Mittal, head-IT, Navinfluorine (where SAP ERP is in use), “The offer is excellent for SMEs as they would get the product and the implementation under one roof. For enterprises which are not global in nature, such a solution stands to fare very well.”

Drawing comparisons with its branded cousins, Mittal specified, “In terms of scalability, ability to operate in different geographies, and legal environments, global branded ERPs stand to be at an advantage.”

Besides ERP, Godrej Infotech also provides supply chain and CRM (customer relation management) software solutions as extended ERP for enterprises.

It remains to be seen how such schemes fare across the SME landscape that is considered the next big driver of IT in India.