Online Company Reviews Can Impact Hiring: Study

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 04, 2017

online review

The recruitment scenario is changing drastically in the digital era, with a heavy reliance on online and social media. In such a scenario, online review sites are becoming important than ever. These sites offer interview candidates and employees the unprecedented opportunity to share the inside story on what it is like to interview or work at a particular workplace. Undoutedly candidates will be drawn to good reviews and vice versa, something recruiters have to be very careful, so as to lure good, competent candidates.

A new study by JobBuzz, 60 percent professionals does research about an organization’s credentials before accepting their job offer. Further 35 percent of them rely on company review sites to do this research about the company, reveals . 

Today’s professionals no longer look for jobs, they are looking for career development and long-term growth. With a host of information channels available to them, they carefully review any job opportunity by scanning company reviews to assess the reputation of the organization and the career growth offered.

The Study noted that about 30 percent of them use web search and scan through articles, stories, media mentions and Wikipedia to gather insights about the organization they are looking to work with.

About 19 percent of the surveyed professionals rely on word-of-mouth to get an understanding about the work culture, leadership and other aspects of the organization.

The study clearly reiterates that the days of indiscriminately applying to jobs through newspapers, or depending on friends and family for recommendations are passé. In today’s highly competitive business environment, online and social media are the new modes of recruitment; the critical aspect is how effectively companies can engage and respond to past, present and future employees on these platforms.

“The quality of talent an organization is able to attract and retain is crucial to its success in today’s highly competitive environment. TimesJobs’ study clearly shows that companies that are active on employer review sites are able to engage with top talent and build their reputation as one of the best places to work - giving them the critical edge as an employer of choice,” said Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions.

The significance of having a good number of positive reviews on a company rating website must not be discounted. This is further supported by the fact that 25 percent of professionals use company rating websites every time they get a job offer. About 45 percent said they use it sometimes, when they are not very knowledgeable about the company, while 20 percent say they rarely use it and 10 percent say they access other sources for company information. Incidentally besides reading reviews about future employers nearly 70 percent professionals also say that they also post their own reviews about their current and previous organizations.

The study also highlighted that the company culture is the most crucial factor for almost 40 percent professionals, for 35 percent of them work-life balance is their focus while checking company reviews. Nearly 30 percent professionals said salary scales are of high importance for them. Rewards and recognition is a decisive factor for another 30 percent professionals and 25 percent look at the learning and development opportunities critically.