Google Drive Poses New CIO Challenge

by CXOtoday Staff    May 02, 2012

Google Drive, which allows cloud-based storage, management, and sharing of files has already created a lot of excitement in the consumer market. However, the new service can be a matter of concern to the CIO community, says research firm Ovum.

“All your stuff – work or play – is in one place” - This was the statement made by Google in a YouTube video on Google Drive. According to Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst at Ovum, even though the issue may not bother CIOs or IT managers of enterprises on the surface, its use in the workplace can present a challenge.

Ovum believes corporate email systems are disreputable for their inadequate storage quotas and limited size of message attachment. From that perspective, Google Drive offers 5GB of data storage for free and supports 30 different file types as well as several mobile and desktop platforms. Using Google Drive workers can share and distribute large corporate files, such as PowerPoint presentations, engineering drawings and creative content, among others seamlessly. In other words, they can upload and access any file, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs, and more.

“Concerned with data leakage and the loss of corporate intellectual property, the unsanctioned use of cloud storage services presents a real headache for corporate governance, risk, and compliance managers,” said Edwards.

Many organisations have already blocked the access to popular file sharing websites such as Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive that share features similar to Google Drive. But Ovum believes there is inevitability about the use of these services and that warrants further investigation both from a compliance and audit perspective.