Chrome Replaces Internet Explorer As Top Browser: Study

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 04, 2016


Google’s Chrome browser has beaten Microsoft Internet Explorer to become the most popular browser in the world. A report from an analytical firm NetMarketShare whome Microsoft has cited as most credible source over the years said that Chrome edged out Internet Explorer by just 0.38% to take the first place.

The report reveals that Google Chrome has stood on top with a 41.7 percent desktop browser share in April, pushing Internet Explorer to the second spot with a 41.4 percent share. The Firefox browser by Mozilla stood at third position with a 9.7 percent market share. A graphical representation of browser usage by highlighted an elevation in the usage of Google Chrome, while the line representing the usage of IE bent downwards.

In 2015, Internet Explorer’s market share stood at 55% although there was a significant rise of users of the other operating systems not using IE. From that position, the decline was pretty rapid and as of April 2016, IE’s share was reduced to 41.33%. It seems like that it is not going to stop.

Meanwhile, Chrome, which was launched in 2008, has seen a Rapid growth, gaining almost 15% of market share in past year and a half to reach 41.71% to claim the top position. 

Mircosoft has stopped patching or supporting older versions of the Internet Explorer such as IE 8 and IE 9 which still has a chunk of the market share. It also released new browser called Edge to give them significant market share again in browser market which has seen them stumbling.

On the mobile browser front, Chrome bagged more than 49 percent market share as per NetMarketShare. Google at present is witnessing regulatory inspection in Europe, owing to its dominant position in internet lifestyles.

A rapid shift to services model from software selling also concluded in a 25 percent slump in quarterly earnings of Microsoft.