Google’s Former Search Chief Amit Singhal Joins Uber

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 23, 2017

Amit Singhal Google’s former search chief, Amit Singhal, joins Uber As Senior Vice President of Engineering almost a year after he retired as head of Google Search.

Singhal will be heading up the Maps and Marketplace departments at Uber, while also advising CEO Travis Kalanick and Uber VP of Engineering and Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski on their efforts to build out the company’s self-driving technology, according to a TechCruch report.

“After 15 wonderful years at Google working on search, I wasn’t sure that I would find an opportunity as exciting or potentially world-changing. But having spent hours with Travis and many others at the company, I can confidently say Uber fits the bill,” said Singhal in a recent blogpost.  

He also stated that he is a huge fan of Uber’s product and like many people, cannot remember life before one could push a button and have a car show up in minutes. “But what’s most exciting to me is the real-world impact this simple idea—push a button, get a ride—is having in cities around the world.”

Singhal joins the league of the latest ex-Google ace to migrate to the fast-growing ride-hailing company, which is investing $500 million into building a map of the entire world, a crucial move toward using autonomous vehicles. He reunites with Manik Gupta, the former head of Google Maps product division, and Brian McClendon, who pivotal at running Google’s entire mapping division.

(Image Courtesy: PerfScience)