Govt Should Extend STPI Benefit For Another Year

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 10, 2009

Apart from increased government spending on infrastructure, e-governance and IT, Sashi Reddi, Founder and Chairman of AppLabs, would like to see the government extend the STPI benefits by another year during these difficult times  

What are your/IT industry’s expectations from the Union Budget this time round?

I believe that the government will give another one-year extension to the STPI benefits. This way the government can show its support for the IT industry during these difficult times without making a longer commitment, which may attract negative attention from other political parties.

Given the current global recessionary scenario, how can the government help IT companies? What special measures would you recommend the government take?

The government must spend on upgrading technology infrastructure in the country as well as invest heavily in e-governance. This will serve many purposes. It will create demand locally, bring efficiency and transparency to government, as well as improve education through e-learning. This would be a sensible way to help the IT sector.

Are you an export-oriented company? What are the measures you would suggest government take to enable you to improve competitiveness on this front?

The IT industry is already very competitive, so I do not think the government needs to do much specifically for the IT sector, besides the STPI benefit for another one year.

Which other changes in regulation do you think can the government make that will help the IT-ITeS industry?

Making it mandatory for schools to have adequate computers and internet access would drive benefits to both education and the IT sector. The other area is ensuring various government departments modernize their systems and move to e-governance applications. This would be good for a clean and efficient government as well as the IT industry.

Do you think increased government spending on Infrastructure, e-governance & IT can help the industry by spurring demand for IT software and hardware?

Absolutely, this should be a priority for the government.

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