Govt. to create cloud-based mobile apps store

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 19, 2012

The government is planning to create its own mobile application (m-apps) store for citizens, as per a framework for mobile governance released yesterday.

According to the Department of Information Technology (DIT) the m-apps store will be created to facilitate the process of development and deployment of suitable applications for delivery of public services through mobile devices.

The m-apps store will be integrated with the Mobile Services Delivery Gateway (MSDG), which will be the core infrastructure for enabling the availability of public services through mobile devices.

Various channels, such as voice, text (e-mail and SMS), GPRS, USSD, SIM Toolkit (STK), Cell Broadcast (CBC), and multimedia (MMS) will be incorporated to ensure that all users are able to access and use the mobile based services. The various delivery channels are expected to entail innovative ways of providing existing services as well as development of new services. The government will use the MSDG infrastructure for deployment of such applications.

The framework proposed that the store will be based upon service oriented architecture and cloud based technologies using open standards as far as practicable. The open platform will be developed and deployed in conjunction with the MSDG for making the additional value added services available to the users irrespective of the device or network operator used by them.

The initiative of the Government of India for this framework stems from the realization that globally as well as in India, millions of less-privileged individuals without access to the Internet have no realistic chance of accessing Government/ public services.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) India had 884.37 million mobile connections as of November end. Mobile tele-density in urban areas was 159.92, whereas the tele-density in rural areas was 36.05.

The DIT framework said that for electronic authentication of users for mobile-based public services, MSDG shall incorporate suitable mechanisms including Aadhaar-based authentication. This will also help in ensuring appropriate privacy and confidentiality of data and transactions.

DIT will also create a Mobile Governance Innovation Fund to support the development of suitable applications by Government Departments and Agencies and also by third-party developers including start-ups.