GPUs increase performance, decrease power usage in HPC

by Sharon Lobo    Aug 13, 2013

In the last couple of decades, the GPU has played a critical role in the computing environment. Time and again it proved to be a force to reckon with alongside the CPU.

In an exclusive interview to Sharon Lobo of CXOtoday, Vishal Dhupar, MD - South Asia, Nvidia talks about how today’s GPUs are playing a critical role in HPC (High Performance Computing) and mobile computing. He also shares why Nvidia, a major player in the GPU space believes that GPUs will continue to function as a separate component rather than be integrated with the CPU.

1. How has the role of GPUs evolved in today’s computing environment?

2. How is the GPU boosting the HPC space? Could you share an example?

3. How critical is the role of GPUs in a mobile computing environment?

4. For Nvidia, will GPUs continue to function as a separate component or will it be eventually be integrated with CPUs?

5. What are the major innovations from Nvidia in the enterprise GPU space? How has Nvidia India contributed towards the same?

6. Which industry verticals are you currently focusing on in India? And what is your go to market strategy for the same?

7. What is your Leadership Mantra?