Gradual approach to cloud benefits businesses

by Sharon Lobo    Jun 07, 2013

In the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion on how businesses should ideally leverage cloud computing. While there have been some early adopters of cloud, a sizeable number of businesses especially SMBs still develop cold feet when they are presented with this option.

In an exclusive video interview to CXOtoday, John Zanni, VP - Service Provider Marketing & Alliances, Parallels, talks about the adoption of cloud over and why businesses should take a gradual approach to the cloud in order to reap benefits.

1. How is the cloud adoption trend in India different or similar from elsewhere in the world? (00:07)

2. What concerns still deter businesses from moving to the cloud? How should cloud vendors ideally tackle it? (01:15)

3. The lack of regulation around cloud is still a major concern. How can the industry come together to address this issue? (02:35)

4. What best practices can ensure Indian businesses reap the benefits of the cloud? (03:35)

5. What are the challenges and opportunities in the virtualization space in India? (4:30)

6. Could you elaborate on Parallel’s road map for the Indian market and plans to partner with large Indian system integrators? (5:30)