'Green IT is all about collaboration'

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 11, 2010

Reducing energy costs and creating an environment friendly organization has become a top priority for all CIOs and IT heads. In an interaction with CXOtoday, Mohar Tiwari, VP (IT & SAP) for Metropolis Health Services shares his perspective on green IT and also talks about the initiatives that Metropolis has implemented to reduce their energy costs

There has been a lot of talk about using environment friendly technologies and practices, but it is not always easy. How would you define green IT and what all, according to you, does it encompass?

Green IT, for us, means using environment friendly technologies and practices across all areas. For example, we use e-office and DMS so there is very limited use of paper. We also use energy efficient LCDs and PCs across the organization. Even the data centers work on minimum energy consumption. We have also created user awareness across the organization for optimum utilization of IT assets which again is yielding great dividends.

What are the green IT best practices that you have outlined for use within your company?

We have six points in our action plan:

* Buy energy efficient hardware
* Use best practices and power management technology
* Inspire employees
* Use more efficient displays/monitors
* Recycle systems and supplies
* Reduce paper consumption

Would you say that Green IT is like security; where policies and employee conduct matter more than solutions?

Yes indeed. It requires collaborative approach from both IT and employees to get the desired results.

Is being ‘green’ a major differentiator when it comes to selecting solution vendors or IT partners?

It is one of the very important criteria along with price and service quality. I look for more innovative and energy efficient solutions from the IT vendors going forward. It is all about sustainable growth so it is imperative that everybody in the eco-system contributes towards this.

Are Indian CIOs today really receptive about this issue or is there still a disconnect somewhere?

I think people are receptive and there is a positive response about this issue but it varies from organization to organization.

How involved is your company’s business management when it comes to Green IT and best practices?

They are very much involved and without their active participation all these initiatives would not have been possible.