Greenplum Helps RCom Reduce Turnaround Time

by Muntazir Abbas    Aug 11, 2009

Reliance Communications (RCom), one of the leading telecom companies in India with a subscriber base of more than 50 million, has deployed Database 3.2 solution to facilitate surveillance and compliance reporting from Greenplum.

Greenplum specializes in enterprise data Cloud solutions for large-scale data warehousing and analytics.

With the increasing volume of business, RCom was looking for a solution to integrate and manage the massive data and records. In addition, the timely delivery of analytics was becoming a tedious job. The deployment of Greenplum Database 3.2 reduced the average time to load a day’s data by more than 80 percent. The company is now expanding the number of systems to four times for additional data marts.

Greenplum Database 3.2, together with Sun Data Warehouse Appliance S1004 model that integrates with 4 Sunfire X4500 systems, enabled the company to reduce the turnaround time for detailed call records.

Confirming the deployment over phone, Sumit Chowdhury, CIO of Reliance Communications, said, "We have implemented database warehousing solution from Greenplum to overcome data load." The database solution facilitates programmable parallel analytics, MapReduce and in-database compression.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Scott Yara co-founder and president of Greenplum, said, "Call activities are critical, and needs reliability and traffic monitoring. Reliance is now using Greenplum solution for surveillance and compliance reporting. The solution enables Reliance to deal with issues related to information retrieval and data warehouse load. In addition, it facilitates the company to offer customized plans to consumers."

With in-database that uses compression technology, the solution facilitates the teleco to increase performance and reduce the storage space for data. In addition, Greenplum Database 3.2 offers enhanced data monitoring with new GUI and infrastructure for data collection and storage as well as comprehensive details about database usage, including achieve and current information.
The company claims its sales grew nearly 50 percent with 70 percent increase in its client base in the first half of the current year. According to Yara, eBay’s 6.5 petabytes of data runs on Greenplum Database, which is one of the largest databases in the world.