GST Brings Discipline In Business Process: Gofrugal

by Swaminathan B    Aug 23, 2017


Chennai based Gofrugal technologies is a GSP (GST Suvidha providers), one of the 34 companies in the GSTN formed by the government for the easy rollout of the GST system across the country. In an exclusive chat with CXOToday, Kumar Vembu, Founder-CEO of Gofrugal technologies, explains the impact of GST and role of ERP players in the existing scanario.


GoFrugal offers both on-premise and cloud hosted SaaS services. GoFrugal is also working on a backup and restore service as part of helping customers comply with Section 57, Generation and maintenance of electronic records of CGST Rules, 2017 by Central Board of Excise and Customs. When this service is launched, customers data is automatically backed up in GoFrugal cloud and customers can restore the data in any new system in a secure manner in just one click. This pricing starts at Rs.3,000/- per annum for this service.


GST Disciplines Business Operations


According to Kumar, GST disciplines business operations and disciplines the entire business ecosystem. “Business should be disciplined in their own interest but most businesses are not as disciplined as they should be in their operations either due to lack of time or due to lack

of systems or due to lack of trained manpower or simply due to the lack of attention of the management in making the business systematic and disciplined.

Kumar said that with GST, it is best to record a transaction in the system and do it as recorded in the system. Under all circumstances, what is done must match with what is captured in the system not only in my business system but also in my trade partners system.


“By trade partner, I mean my supplier or customer or service provider. Only when the transaction my system 100% matches with the same transaction in my trade partner system, GST returns will be accepted,” he mentioned.


Speaking further on the mindset of the organizations while implementing ERP, Kumar said, “In most cases, it is the customer who is looking for a change. The reasons are either their existing ERP does not meet their current business needs or future growth plans or the ERP vendor is unable to meet the service expectations.”


“Also in the context of India today, a situation may occur where the existing ERP vendor is unable to cope with the demands of the continuously changing environment. Our approach is to make the customers experience the possibilities with GoFrugal solutions in terms of ease of use, automation, mobility etc. and show them how we can help them go digital. Most importantly, we ensure that customers understand the agility and responsiveness of GoFrugal and the speed at which we deliver on the ever changing market needs,” he added.


Addressing the customers in GoFrugal Way


GoFrugal is super specializing in retail, restaurants and retail distribution businesses. This means that the solution addresses the needs of organizations in these businesses just out of the box. The company’s implementation consultant just needs to understand the customers business objectives, operational requirements and organization structure. In a matter of few hours, the solution is configured as per the customer need. In most cases, there are pre built configuration templates to meet the frequently used configurations.


“Configuring the system or implementing the customer need on GoFrugal solution takes less than 15% of the overall implementation time. Our implementation objective is to completely understand customer business in all aspects of business from operating processes, organization structure, roles and responsibilities, controls, checks and balances etc. quickly and ensure that the implementation is completed in 4 hours to maximum within 7 working days. We believe that the longer the implementation takes, the higher the risks due to confusions,” said Vembu.

GoFrugal has made data migration a simple, error free, accurate and automated process. GoFrugal shares excel templates with customers and the templates are shipped with the guidelines to make the job of the customer easy. The templates are also embedded with the rules and the errors and corrections required in the data are shown to the customer. Once all the errors are addressed and the data is error free, it can be uploaded into GoFrugal system very quickly GoFrugal also develops custom migration tool for migrating data from the existing system of the customer to GoFrugal’s ERP.

In this case, we validate the customer data and ensure that only correct data is uploaded. GoFrugal implementation team understands that  quality data migration is fundamental pre-requisite for smooth user experience with ERP and successful implementation of ERP. So, we give utmost priority and importance to ensure that the data migration is done well.

“We focus on continuously enhancing our product capability to be inline with the market requirements and not do specific customizations for customers. We offer open APIs to customers, where required, so that if there are any specific customization required by the customer they can be done as an external module to GoFrugal solutions. Due to this, GoFrugal product update deployment is a one-click fully automated process for all customers.

When a product release is made, all GoFrugal customers get a push notification on their system and also in their myGoFrugal mobile App. They can update the latest version like the way Mobile App versions are updated by us in our smart phone GoFrugal customers do not have the headache with managing versions,” Kumar concluded.