HCL Security Collaborates with Cisco

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 24, 2009

HCL Security has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cisco to collaborate on delivering
IP-based safety and security solutions. The solutions are an effort to enable safer and more secure communities in India. The collaboration is reportedly to be a combination of Cisco’s in ‘Smart+Connected Communities’ with HCL Security’s ‘Safe State’ architecture to deliver safety and security solutions in India. Initially the collaboration will begin in India and later expand this to other countries as well.

"HCL Security is committed to deploying an integrated technology approach to enable safer and more secure cities. HCL Safe State marries hi-tech security and surveillance with intelligence and policing — the three key pillars to this integrated approach to secure an entire state, city or large, significant establishments," added Rothin Bhattacharyya, CEO, HCL Security.

HCL Security will use Cisco technologies to build a state-of-the-art ‘Command and Control Centre’ for next-generation security solutions. These will provide customers with prevention, automated detection, analysis, and coordinated response to incidents.

"For a city or community to grow, thrive, and attract human and financial capital, it needs to be highly secure. Cisco’s Smart+Connected Safety and Security solutions enhance the capabilities of emergency and security personnel by employing next-level infrastructure, technology, services, and platforms to create intelligent, enduring solutions. Our collaboration with HCL Security and its Safe State architecture will help us better address safety and security projects and customer requirements," explained Dave Stone, vice president, Safety and Security, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco.

Cisco Smart+Connected Safety and Security solutions addresses the complexity of protecting citizens, critical infrastructure and key assets. The solutions are able to do this by enabling a common security operations picture and helps ensure full integration and interoperability between different functional parts of the security system. HCL Security’s Safe State architecture offers integrated urban safety and security technology solutions with policing. This provides actionable intelligence, which is required to make a city secure and safe.