Helping SMEs Unleash The Potential of Cloud Technologies

by Wrik Sen    Sep 02, 2016


The SME sector in India is currently in the process of reinventing itself in numerous ways, to take the Indian story, or the economy, ahead in next phase of the 21st century. In challenging times and even otherwise, SMEs have comparatively lesser resources at their disposal, and it is paramount as how they manage their processes effectively to meet their business needs, including communications and operations.

Knowlarity Communications has been helping this burgeoning segment solve communication and business issues by changing the way things happen for these entities. In a recent interaction with CXOtoday, Ambarish Gupta CEO and Founder of Knowlarity Communications, shares his views on the challenges faced by SMEs and the need for tech vendors to understand the segment more effectively, so as to unleash their hidden potential.

- Tell us about the company’s core capabilities, and the value-added solutions it provides to its customers.

We intend to revolutionize the way small and medium-sized companies communicate and solve their complex business problems through business phone systems. Our aim is to replace the traditional PBX with the latest cloud technology to help every business owner improve their productivity.

Our best-selling flagship product Super Receptionist is replacing the market of physical in-house PBX systems. SuperReceptionist is a virtual receptionist service that allows small business owners to manage incoming and outgoing calls on their phone. It is designed to ensure critical calls are not missed in the course of doing business. Some of its advantages are hassle free installations, quick setup, low maintenance & rapid scaling capability. One can integrate this with the CRM applications to intelligently handle inbound and outbound calls, hence improve efficiency of any business.

SuperIVR creates the impression of a professionally managed company at very little costs to you. You can create multiple departments within your company with the help of IVR, “Press 1 for Sales”, “Press 2 for Voicemail”, “Press 3 for Marketing”, “Press 4 for Voicemail”. IVR services are a must for any modern enterprise looking to make the best of their limited resources. It provides an option for after-hours or holiday customers by routing calls to voicemail or night support. Unlike conventional IVR Systems that are expensive to install and maintain, Knowlarity’s Smart IVR services are affordable as you spend for what you use and there is no excess capacity.

- What are the competing technologies, which can be a challenge for Knowlarity, and how it manages to overcome them?

At the center of every Knowlarity product and service is the ‘SR Developer’ platform giving us an edge over our competitors. While there are other domestic cloud telephony products available in the market we believe that ours is the most sophisticated platform with the most advanced feature set.

We have expanded across 66 countries with 12000 clients due to our innovative approach as a strong Tech and leadership team. Apart from this our innovative technology solution allows excellent service in PSTN and VOIP markets. Today we have over 12000 clients and alongside over 5 years of successful experience selling cloud telephony in India and global markets.

We bring out our SaaS product with flexible pricing and customizable solution to cater to different markets which includes both public and private sector, offering early mover’s advantage in most developing markets. In addition, we provide pre-existing integration with major enterprise SaaS software platforms (SalesForce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho and Tally), for hassle free experience.

- Which market segments do you foresee the maximum growth in the future?

We aim to expand globally through both online and offline channels. Our strong digital presence allows prospects to learn about the product and engage in product demos before purchasing. Also our offline Channel Sales Partners are located in all our global locations, and get access to Knowlarity’s world class product portfolio and customer support which helps them to grow their business manifold.

However, we value our domestic market, which forms a big part in our business. According to CII-IMRB conducted a survey of 8000 SMB’s across the country, only 4% of businesses surveyed were using some form of cloud service, hence we continue to focus on the mid-sized market segment. We are innovating our products everyday based on the customer requirement to meet variety of business scenarios across industries. We are planning to expand more in developed locations like US and UK in future. The target segment would be to reach out to the enterprise companies.

- Which are are the industry specific challenges that you see in India?

Our SME market has still not grown to understand the advantages of investing in technology. Hence, this can be considered as one of the weaknesses faced by cloud technology companies. We still need to educate the market on cloud technology, hence investing more in service communication.

We have recently started expanding globally and receiving good response in the international market. We see strong interests from channel partners to expand across the globe, eventually increasing our reach. In past few months, we have understood that every market is different hence to be dealt differently. We are facing lot of challenges, since competition is different with competitors in each country.