Hexaware's HR Wares

by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 06, 2005

Increasingly, IT is an important enabler in the HR department, allowing enterprises to automate various processes that result in a fast, accurate and effective HR.

Human resource spends however, are becoming an area of concern for most companies. According to Forrester and Gartner, HR outsourcing is increasing with companies spending about $1,600-$2,000 per employee per annum, resulting in a 10% cent increase in efficiency.

Hexaware, an Indian IT and BPO services company, also sees a lot of potential in blending HR with IT. Moorthi Chokkanathan, Senior VP - enterprise application centre, Hexaware told CXOtoday, “IT as a tool leads to a better and more productive HR. However, most Indian players have ignored the role of IT in HR.”

To address this gap, the company has come up with a new generation of technology that allows HR to assume a powerful strategic and global role. The company’s offering, HR-IT, is a technology enabler of HR strategy and processes and covers all systems that support employee databases and recruitment functions in an organization.

He explained, “We started this initiative with PeopleSoft with the objective of providing a comprehensive HR practice with innovative solutions. In addition HR-IT has fuelled a mega trend of setting up global HR share services centres as well as outsourcing one or more processes of HR.”

This is in line with Gartner’s finding that 85% of companies based in the U.S would opt to outsource at least one component of their HR requirements within a year’s time.

Hexaware’s HR-IT practices have collected revenues of around $40 million. The company has implemented about 500 projects in seven years working in the areas of HR-IT transformation, helping clients optimize HR costs, in package implementation, product support and maintenance, application testing etc.

With clients in verticals such as banking, insurance, finance companies, transportation and hospitality, the company is offering its expertise in global payroll solutions and HR portal solutions. In this service, Hexaware has recently won a contract for payroll outsourcing from a leading private bank in the country.

“Indian companies are beginning to outsource their HR-IT needs. Our global payroll solutions and HR portal solutions are showing high growth potential. We are expecting a 50% growth this year in this segment” he said.

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