High Stress Levels Force IT Pros To Quit Jobs

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 25, 2014

IT pros

High levels of workplace stress among IT personnel, is driving them to look desperately for a change of employment, according to an independent research commissioned by GFI Software. The study revealed that 68% of IT professionals are actively contemplating on looking for a new job due to the pressures imposed on them in their current role.

IT pros in pressure

The study, although conducted in the UK and mainly highlights the economic and business scenario, it is in a way applicable across geography going by the complexities occurring in the technology business landscape everywhere, especially in countries such as the US and some markets in Asia Pacific and Middle-East.

Highlighting the UK scenario, the study reveals over two-thirds of IT staff surveyed consider their job stressful. Over a third had missed social functions due to overrunning issues at work. Another 36% report missing time with their families due to work demands on their personal time and nearly 17% have had a relationship fail or be severely damaged due to their job.

Moreover 28% of IT staff regularly lose sleep over work pressures, with one fifth suffering stress-related illness, up on 2013, while a further 15% complain of feeling in poor physical condition due to work demands.

What’s the management doing?

Management was clearly singled out as the biggest contributing factor to workplace stress, with half the sample of IT professionals surveyed citing management as the biggest source of stress for them. A further 24% cited a lack of budget and staff to get the job done.

IT workers also frequently find themselves working additional hours over and above the 48-hour working week, often without additional pay. On average, the IT workers surveyed would work six hours a week over and above their stated working hours, with 20 percent of the survey sample working between eight and 12 hours a week unpaid overtime.

The other finding was that while the overall number of IT staff in large and mid-sized companies (250-500 employees) looking for a job change, the smaller companies between 10 and 49 staff are more content, with 58% percent looking for a new role.

“IT is renowned for being one of the most stressful white-collar jobs to undertake, now more so than ever given the critical role IT plays in everything from ecommerce to facilities management,” said Sergio Galindo, GM of the Infrastructure Business Unit at GFI Software.

“There is a lot that organizations can do to reduce the burden - and with it the stress levels - carried by IT staff,” says Galindo.

“Providing realistic IT budgets and staffing levels helps a lot, but there are productivity changes that can also significantly de-stress the IT department, such as investing in technology to automate personnel-intensive activities like deploying software updates and managing sprawling Wi-Fi networks and the myriad of mobile devices that users are bringing to work,” he says.