Hitachi Unveils AMS1000 System

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 06, 2006

Hitachi Data Systems, provider of application optimized storage solutions has unveiled its midrange storage system, TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage model AMS1000.

The company claims that the new storage system transcends the boundaries of other midrange storage offerings with advanced business - enabling capabilities such as 32 Logical Cache Partitions, non-disruptive on-the-fly data movement across multiple tiers of storage, and a fully embedded multi-protocol support for iSCSI, NAS, and Fibre Channel, with no reliance on external servers or adapters.

“Hitachi is known for its high-end enterprise-class storage systems. We have brought this same level of quality and functionality to its midrange now,” said P. Subramanian, MD, Hitachi Data Systems India.

The new offering brings unprecedented tiered storage capabilities to the midrange market enabling organizations to strategically align business applications and storage infrastructure so that cost, performance, reliability and availability can be matched to specific business requirements.

AMS1000 offers extreme flexibility to mix and match multiple tiers of storage in a single rack (including 250GB, 400GB, and 500GB SATA HDDs). It enables to run online applications demanding the fastest response time on high-speed Fibre Channel drives, then non-disruptively move data to economical SATA drives for archiving or data mining. Further, it can serve as externally attached tiered or archived storage in a virtualized environment managed by the Hitachi TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform or Network Storage Controller using Hitachi Universal Volume Manager Software.

Like its predecessors AMS200 and AMS500, the new launch features Logical Cache Partitioning and Virtual Storage Ports with a set of enterprise-class capabilities. These capabilities are not available on other midrange systems to help IT organizations optimize the performance and provide secure data access in multi - server environments to vital business applications, such as e-mail, ERP, CRM or databases.

“Hitachi AMS1000 is an extremely competitive midrange storage system with impressive performance, feature-rich capabilities, and a compelling and flexible architecture. The company is well positioned to compete in the mid-market as we have done with the high-end of the market,” Subramanian summed up.