HOEC Spells Out Rs 1.5 Cr Network Initiative

by Amit Tripathi    Jul 13, 2005

Network connectivity plays a crucial role in strategic realignment of enterprises, giving it proximity to markets and opportunities hitherto beyond reach. Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Limited’s (HOEC), is one such company whose plans to move its HQ from Baroda to Chennai, has necessitated the current initiative of network expansion greatly.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Ashish Shah, functional head, IT & communication, HOEC Ltd, says, “We are embarking on the connectivity initiative through which three production units (Baroda, Bharuch and Mehsana) will be connected to the new head office in Chennai.”

At the moment the company uses 512 kbps. Plans are afoot to use 2×2 Mbps leased lines for select locations. Informing on the cost estimates, Shah added, “At Rs 25 lakh per location the total initiative expenditure would be around Rs 1.5 crore, which includes other essentials like dish antennae, etc.”

The company, currently evaluating service providers like Hugh Escort, HCL Comnet, Essal Shyam and few others, is expected to put the expanded network operational by December 2005.

Although HOEC does not have any product per se, still its IT team has developed an application fashioned like an ERP that mainly handles inventory, apart from invoice processing, accounts. The company uses Geoframe (an exploration industry specific application from Chlumberger) and Arcview (a GIS application) to collect spatial data that interacts with the ERP.

Detailing the challenge for the IT department, Shah said, “Since we collate huge amount of data from exploration and satellite images through GIS application, we are constantly in the need of high storage capability. At the moment we have a capacity of 2 TB, which will be increased to 20 TB.”

The company uses four IBM servers of which one hosts the Oracle database and the ERP (since last four years), another hosts MS SQL database along with Geoframe and Arcview, while the third server acts as file server while the fourth is used for redundancy. At the operating system level the company uses Windows 2003 and Windows XP Professional

A typical business process at HOEC involves the activity of exploration (which uses Geoframe and Arcview) followed by the development stage, which comprises of activities like scientific surveys, location spotting, well construction etc. Then follows the process of production whereby the material quality and marketability are adjudged. This stage occasionally leads to sales (only to government agencies once in six months).

HOEC is a private sector company set up to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbon resources from within and outside India, plans to put its production units on VSAT network and radio communication link within next six months by integrating and optimizing the collective output of people and technology with respect to available resources.

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